Selasa, 17 November 2009

Tentang Film 2012

Film 2012 ,Roland Emmerich's career has been founded on blowing stuff up, and flogging off seats and popcorn in numbers that Cecil B Demille would respect.

From his Universal Soldier and Stargate - both of which seemed madly over the top back in the early 90s - Emmerich went on to make Godzilla, Independence Day, and The Day after Tomorrow.

By sticking to a rigid formula - five or six intercut story lines, estranged husband emerges to save the day, and some vague nonsense about "love conquering all" - Emmerich has become one of Hollywood's most reliable cash-cows.

He has only departed from formula a few times, with the risible The Patriot, and the laughably awful 10,000BC.

But 2012 finds Emmerich right back home, and doing what he does best. Taking the ancient Mayan prophecy, that the world is all over in 2012, Emmerich launches into a series of disasters and saccharine "family" moments with all the shameless brio that made him famous.

The film is dumber than a bag of hammers, of course, but by crikey it doesn't hold anything back.

Forty minutes in and Emmerich has already laid waste to the entire American west coast and is about to unleash his special effects on the rest of the planet.

Apparently Emmerich is planning a sequel to Independence Day. Only, after 2012, there's nothing left for the aliens to conquer.

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